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Cuba Team

The St. George companionship with St. Lucas began many years ago with a visit by parishioner Sue Spencer; however, it was revitalized in 2004 when we took our first trip to Cuba in many years.  Five travelers made that pilgrimage which has subsequently resulted in bi-annual trips. 
Approximately 40 parishioners have travelled to St. Lucas in Sibanicu with the most recent trip in November of 2014.    St. Lucas in Sibanicu was started approximately 1915 and is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba.  The small church has approximately 30 attendees each week with a couple of resident dogs.  The priest, Father Evelio, has been at St. Lucas since 2013. 

The companionship visits involve worshipping with the congregation,crafts for children, visiting in parishioners' homes and a Cuban Fiesta - prepared by the church members of St. Lucas.   We also have visited cultural, business and recreational sites near Sibanicu which is known for its cattle and sugar cane.  In addition, the trip involves traveling by the Bishop's Bus to Havana.  In Havana, we visit the Cathedral for the Cuban Diocese and  stay in the Cathedral Hostel which allows us to visit with Diocesan Employees including, on occasion, the Bishop.For those of us who have journeyed to Sibanicu, the people of St. Lucas are like family.  We are building a strong bond between the two parishes and hope to continue for many years.
  -- Amy Dyar
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