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Timeline for Saint George Episcopal Church

1846 - General Duncan Lamont Clinch married Sophia Gibbs Cooper (sister of Kingsley Beatty Gibbs) at his Fort George Island home.  Officiating priest was John Freeman Young (who later became Diocese of Florida’s second bishop).
1867 - Rollins family came to Fort George Island and wanted to build a church but after financial losses sold island property to William Stuart Stuart’s uncle, aunt and two cousins built homes on the Island.

1877 - The mission of St. George was established on Fort George Island.

1881 - Ellen Cairnes Stuart Ward met with bishop Young and paid $1500 for chapel of worship to be built on the Island.  By 1881 a small congregation was meeting on Fort George Island.  A second congregation met on Batten Island (Ft. George Rd. and Hecksher Drive).

Site of St. George Church given by Archibald and Caroline McIntyre for both Fort George and Batten Island congregations.

Services held in uncompleted building which was finished by end of 1881.

1883 - Mrs. Ward gave funds to purchase and install the stained glass windows, including St. George slaying his dragon (above the altar).

1884 - St. Agnes bell installed and paid for by women of Church’s St. Agnes Guild.

Bishop Young consecrated completed building on Holy Innocent’s Day.

1893 - Mrs. Ward died with request to her son William to give $10,000 to Diocese of Florida in trust for continuing support of St. George’s.


1894 - Rt. Rev. Edwin G. Weed, Bishop of Florida, accepted application of congregation to become an organized mission.

1899 to 1907 - Montcalm Broward (brother of Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward) served St. George and other small river missions.

1912-1926 - Rev. William Thomas Brayshaw

1931-1967 - Rev. Basil M. Walton served at St. George’s and St. Andrews.

1959 - Small parish hall built.

early 1960-s to 1976 - Congregation dwindled.

1976 - Rev. James P. Crosby (also served as Police Chaplain for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Led restoration of Church (from termites and weather).  
Church received State of Florida preservation grant.

1987 - Restoration completed including restoration of original stained glass windows.

1988 - Church made wheelchair accessible.

1989 - Rev. Robert Harrell.  Lay participation increased.  Sunday school established.

1993 - Larger parish hall completed.

1996 - “Mortgage burning” celebration for Terry Hall.

1997-1998 - New roof, heating, air conditioning, refurbished sacristy.

1997 - January 24, St. George’s admitted to parish status at 154th Convention of the Diocese of Florida.


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