Welcome, and thank you for visiting Saint George Episcopal Church online.  Visitors driving to St. George Episcopal Church will find an unspoiled place of quiet
beauty set in a sea of tropical greenery where peacocks roam the grounds and visitors are always welcome.

Founded in 1877, St. George is one of the historic river mission churches founded by the second bishop of Florida, John Freeman Young.

For Pastoral Care Emergencies


Please call the church office at (904) 251-9272.    

Please let us know of any hospitalizations, medical procedures, or illnesses for which we may offer prayers and pastoral care.



Sunday Worship Hours
9:30 a.m. 


Please join us each Sunday

at 9:30 a.m. for Holy Eucharist









Dear Fellow Parishioners,


I am very pleased to relate to you that we have called a new Rector for St. George. He has accepted this call and we have covenanted with him and have our Bishop’s firm blessing and approval.


Rev. Jonathan Baugh  is very excited to partner with us and God here at St. George. He looks forward to a vigorous program of renewal for our beloved parish; so we can continue to share the Good News of our Savior in this sacred space!


We at St. George are blessed.  Thank you all for your kind patience with this whole process. The Search Committee and the Vestry feel in our hearts that we have made the right decision.  We firmly acknowledge that this decision to call Reverend Jonathan Baugh is one led by our Lord. 


Fr. Jon will have his first day on campus with us Monday, June 13th. Then, we invite you to joyously share Fr. Jon’s first Holy Eucharist celebration at St. George on Sunday June 19, Father’s Day.  


Sincerely with God’s Peace,

Scott O’Connor

Senior Warden

St. George Episcopal Church

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The Red Doors

When you enter the sanctuary at St. George to worship or pray, you will pass through our bright red doors. Painting church doors red is a widespread tradition in Episcopal churches. The red doors of an Episcopal church have traditionally led the way to holy ground where anyone who enters is safe from both physical and spiritual harm.


We proclaim with our red doors that our church is a haven for emotional and spiritual healing, and is a place of refuge and safety, forgiveness and reconciliation -- in other words, red doors invite the passers-by into a space filled with the Holy Spirit.


The color red also evokes the blood of Jesus Christ, which protects the wayfaring soul from spiritual harm.


Jesus Christ is our refuge. The red doors at St. George remind us that our parish community too must be a refuge for all those who enter through them. In this holy place, there will be no outcasts. Our doors are open to all!


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Caregivers Group

Meets every 2nd Monday at 1:00pm in the parish hall.

What is the Caregiver's Group?

If you are caring for a loved one, you are not alone. If you find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, sad and on and on, the Caregiver's support group meets to express these feelings among others that share the same situations. 

Sometimes, only others that share the same experiences can truly understand and offer relief through honest discussion and practical solutions.

Please join us!

Thank You, Elizabeth Diamond.



The Caregivers Group and the Circle of Sisters Group is taking a break during the summer.


Circle of Sisters

Meets every FOURTH Monday at 1:00pm in the parish hall.

What is Circle of Sisters?

The Circle of Sisters is a group of women who come together to check in with each other and offer a listening ear and a willing hand to anyone in need of support. We also focus on helping make this a better place through volunteering, learning and giving. Some of our most recent events included volunteering at FEEDING NE FLORIDA, touring and donating to RETHREADED and taking the St. Johns Riverkeeper's tour on the river taxi while learning about our precious resource, water. Please join us! Thank You, Elizabeth Diamond.